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Astaras provides OEM-quality products and industry expertise

Astaras provides one level of product to our customers - the best.

All of our IBG Group companies manufacture quality products that meet or exceed the performance ratings of OEM competitors. We provide top-tier products through distribution that outperform the competition at a considerably lower cost to the end user.

As one of the largest suppliers of Tungsten electrodes in the U.S., Astaras has lead the effort in finding an alternative to 2% Thoriated Tungsten, with the innovation of E3® Tungsten Electrodes.

Astaras, Inc., founded in 2000, is the foremost leader in private label branded:

• MIG guns and consumables,
• TIG torches and consumables,
• Gouging torches and carbon electrodes, and
• Tungsten Electrodes in North America

Astaras Office Exterior


Katie Marton, Logistics Coordinator

Katie Marton
Logistics Coordinator

Jeannie Zimmerman, Product Specialist and Support

Jeannie Zimmerman
Product Specialist and Support

Caitlin James, Customer Service Associate

Caitlin James
Customer Service Associate

Dick Wilkinson, Sales Manager

Dick Wilkinson
Sales Manager

Josh Durfee, Accounting Manager

Josh Durfee
Accounting Manager

Ed Wilson, President

Ed Wilson

Tobias Borawski, Chief Financial Officer

Tobias Borawski
Chief Financial Officer

Sue Whitcomb, Purchasing Manager

Sue Whitcomb
Purchasing Manager

Thomas Fontana, Warehouse Manager

Thomas Fontana
Warehouse Manager

Kent New, Engineering Project Manager

Kent New
Engineering Project Manager

Andy Stawski, Sr. Marketing Manager

Andy Stawski
Sr. Marketing Manager

Lydia Alejandro-Heather, Marketing Associate

Lydia Alejandro-Heather
Marketing Associate

Ross Wayman, General Manager, Metals Division

Kayoko Humphrey
Customer Service Specialist, Metals Division

Jim Brown, Technical Sales, Metals Division

Jim Brown
Technical Sales, Metals Division

A Tenured & Experienced Team

Many Astaras team members have gone through 500 hours of American Welding Society Learning courses.

We also have a full welding lab on site with MIG, TIG, arc gouging, plasma and more for employees to get hood time and learn about our products whenever they can.

Rest easy knowing that Astaras puts value in educating our employees on both product & process.

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Our Core Values

Quality Products

Multiple steps in our rigid quality control process help insure the reputation of your products.

Customer Support

Our U.S.-based knowledgeable staff is ready and able to answer your team’s questions.

Continuous Training

We continually train our customers on product features and use so they can better serve their customers.