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We Help Companies Build
Private Label Welding Brands

We work with you to understand the needs of your welding business and the needs of your customers. And then, we create something great together!

From MIG Guns to TIG Torches,
and Arc Gouging Torches to Tungsten Electrodes, we’ve got everything your business needs.

MIG Gun Configurator

Build Your Gun Now

Our MIG guns and consumables are built to meet the needs of end users.

  • 1Connector
  • 2AMP
  • 3Cable Length
  • 4Wire Size
  • 5Neck Angle
  • 6Consumables

Quality, performance and durability are what we do best.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to support your business

Private Label Brand Name

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Astaras Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design

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Astaras Marketing Collateral Service

Marketing Collateral Development

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Astaras Employee Training Service

Employee Training

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Astaras Merchandising Service


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Astaras Customer Services

Customer Service

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Astaras Retail Consultation Service

Retail Consultation

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E3 Tungsten Electrodes logo

E3® Tungsten Electrodes

Your best choice to replace 2% Thoriated Tungsten

Made from a combination of 3 oxides - less harmful to the environment and not radioactive.

Tip Refit logo

Tungsten Grinders

Precision built to make repeatable grinds for applications with close tolerances.

  • Zero pinch points
  • 100% Tungsten dust collection

Proprietary Brands for

We offer you the opportunity for co-branding with our proprietary E3® Tungsten brand.

Contact us today to find out more about co-branding.

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Customer Satisfaction Has Helped Us Become the Foremost Leading Private Label Products Supplier in The Welding Industry.

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