Astaras provides OEM-quality products and industry expertise
to help you build your private label store brand!

Astaras provides one level of product to our customers - the best. 

All of our IBG Group companies manufacture quality products that meet or exceed the performance ratings of OEM competitors. We provide top-tier products through distribution that outperform the competition at a considerably lower cost to the end user.

As one of the largest suppliers of Tungsten electrodes in the U.S., Astaras has lead the effort in finding an alternative to 2% Thoriated Tungsten, with the innovation of E3® Tungsten Electrodes.


Astaras, Inc., founded in 2000, is the foremost leader in private label branded:

  • MIG guns and consumables,

  • TIG torches and consumables,

  • Gouging torches and carbon electrodes, and

  • Tungsten Electrodes in North America. 

Astaras is one of the largest suppliers of tungsten electrodes in the U.S.A. and features E3® Tungsten (color code: purple).



In addition to private label brands, Astaras is proud to provide the following proprietary brands:

Astaras is part of the IBG Group, an international holding company based in Cologne, Germany, with 18 production facilities worldwide.

Utilizing these factories, Astaras imports OEM-quality parts to their Largo, FL facility to manufacture and supply top quality MIG guns, TIG torches, gouging torches, carbon electrodes, and related consumables for OEMs, wholesalers, and distribution channels.